We represent a generation that demands to live life on their own fashion terms. A generation that is never domesticated, stays authentic to who they truly are, lives simply, yet full of contrasts, spreads love and enjoys the wild and free lifestyle. Here at Klasse14 we've always been interested in quality, unique products and ensuring our customers are happy with their shopping experience. We strive to sell products that express who we are and what we stand for. We commit to design and produce our unique fashion accessories ourselves to ensure high quality, essentially meaning that the products you buy are unique to you. 

We are driven by a team of young and ambitious individuals, we've become one of the fastest growing fashion accessories brand in the world. We dream big, but our focus stays true to the little things. Attention to detail in everything we do. Embracing new opportunities, and challenging ourselves every day with great passion for the Klasse14 brand.

We also put customers on our top priority, so whatever your concerns are, we are willing to listen and give you the things that you needed. Apart from this, our team is also very reliable and treats you with tender and care. Contact us today!

Our mission is to protect and enhance the fashionable essence of our world, our elegant styles, and of ourselves. We keep it simply Klasse14.

For any questions you can visit our FAQ page here, or you can email us at: info@klasse14.us. Happy shopping!
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