With every KLASSE14 purchase, you’re also buying the peace of mind that each product comes with uncompromising quality and safety. Our team has therefore made it a top priority to fight against counterfeits and we urge you to join us. 


Reasons not to buy counterfeit products:

  • All KLASSE14 products undergo rigorous quality and safety tests to ensure the high standards our customers deserve. Fake products often skip such tests and can pose serious risks to customer health and safety.
  • Counterfeiters engage in unlawful conduct, which may involve sweatshops and identity theft.
  • Counterfeiters often operate within organized crime networks, who will use their proceeds to fuel drug dealing, terrorism and other criminal activities.
  • Counterfeit items are not protected by warranties nor subject to returns or exchanges at KLASSE14.


Ways to avoid counterfeit products:

  • Always purchase from KLASSE14 authorized outlets 

KLASSE14 only distributes its products through authorized retailers and cannot guarantee the authenticity of products found elsewhere. Unauthorized retailers may sell used, quality-reject or counterfeit items, disguised under high price points and KLASSE14 ‘look-alike’ stores both on and offline.


  • Beware of deals that are “too good to be true”

Just as high price tags are used to create impressions of legitimacy, many counterfeit sellers attract consumers with a lower price tag. Deals that are “too good to be true” are most likely fake.


  • Check for high quality packaging

Our products are always securely packaged in high quality boxes and wrapping paper. Never purchase items that come unpackaged or in loose plastic wrappings.


We work persistently to protect our customers, with the development of a Product Authentication System launching soon.


If you ever feel in doubt, please contact us at before purchase.